Never miss a hot track again! Peel is an MP3 blog reader and player rolled into one. Subscribe to your favorite blogs and stream music the minute it becomes available!

What are MP3 blogs?

Also known as musicblogs or audioblogs, MP3 blogs have become increasingly popular since the beginning of 2003. According to Wikipedia an MP3 blog is a type of weblog in which the blog creator makes music files (usually in the MP3 format) available for download.

Screenshot of Peel's features
  • Switch between view modes to find what you are looking for.
  • Mark your favorite songs so you can easily find them later.
  • Download songs and have them added to iTunes right away.
  • Create your smart playlists to keep track of your favorite bands.
  • Read about the music while you listen. Peel even shows you which song is playing!
  1. New Interface

    Peel 2.0 has been thoroughly redesigned and sports a totally revamped interface.

  2. Smart Playlists

    Create your own smart playlists based on a genre, band, date or even file size.

  3. Organize

    Keep Peel organized by grouping different types of blogs.

  4. Playlists

    Create your own playlists and add your favorite tracks.


    Peel supports so you can keep a record of the tracks you play.

  6. Shortcuts

    Bind your own global shortcuts so you can always have Peel at your fingertips.